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Is Cybersecurity the Job of the Future?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

What do you look for in a job? Is it the altruistic aspect, or a high average income? What if you could combine both? Cybersecurity is a career field with a large spectrum ranging from a Bug Bounty Hunter to a Cyber Security Engineer. For anyone who loves technology, there is always something to do in Cybersecurity. It is a job that requires a constant relearning of new information as technology is ever-changing. With this can come high-stress situations; however, it would be difficult to find yourself feeling bored or stuck in a routine.

Technology is ever-changing, and hackers are finding new ways to break into systems because of it. Due to the tech boom, more and more companies are looking to hire cybersecurity professionals to prevent potential attacks or stop attacks which are already taking place. In fact, there is a significant cybersecurity skills shortage as of 2020. There are two sides when it comes to cybersecurity, the blue team and the red team.

As you can see the blue team is focused more on the offensive side while the red team is focused on the defensive. Both sides can be used for good and are options to consider when jumping into Cybersecurity.

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